Welcome to Our website highlights Unique Fire & Protection Ltd range of products from world leaders together with our design, installation and specialist support services.

As Managing Director of Unique Fire & Protection Ltd, I can confidently assert that the range and quality of our activities are unmatched in the Bangladesh Marketplace. Our reputation for successful completion of small to Major Projects and sensible / high quality system solutions for our customers is second to none.

Our Manufacturers-Trained Engineers and Technicians provide the proper design, installation and service that our customers have grown to expect at all stages of a project.

Please review our activities which are catalogued by Manufacturer/ Product, market segment and type of service. Our sales and engineering staff will be pleased to response to any specific enquiries so please feel free to contact us either through the website by email or any direct Communication.

We are committed to continual improvement and welcome customer feedback- our online customer feedback form can be directly accessed via this site under the customer service section.


Md. Nasim Ali

Managing Director

Unique Fire Protection Ltd (UFP) is a fully-service fire detection & protection company providing a full range of products and services to businesses and industries in Bangladesh. We offer firefighting products that range from fire detection equipment to complete fire suppression system equipment (Hydrant System, Sprinkler System and Extinguishing System) for a variety of applications.

UFP is a fire safety protection and consultancy firm launched in 2016. It is founded by some engineers from CUET, BUET, Government Organization and also few dedicated marketing specialists. All higher members are highly educated and highly experienced in this sector. Our all employees are graduated from renowned universities.

Our aim is to provide quality product and services with Excellency and reduce damage from fire accident. Unique Fire Protection Ltd provides Fire Safety, Electrical Safety Equipment, architectural Drawing, CCTV, Safety Vehicles, Generator, Lift and Substation.

Our goal is to provide our customers with top quality products, supported by exceptional services 24/7 at completive prices. You can purchase products of various brands at prices you can afford. Our engineers draw the design after assessing the field while our expert installation team takes care of installation & commissioning work. We strongly follow the guidelines of ACCORD, ALLIANCE, BNBC, NFPA etc.

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