Unique Fire & Protection Ltd. package fire pump system consists of pumps, driver, controllers and accessories mounted on a common base frame. High quality UL / FM certified components are used in these systems complying with the requirements of NFPA 20.All necessary wiring between controllers and drivers are done at factory prior to shipment.

The automatic air release valve, casing relief valve, suction gauge & discharge gauge are mounted on fire pumps and other accessories are mounted on pre-constructed interconnecting piping as required by NFPA 20.Pressure sensing lines are pre-installed on Electric, Diesel, and Jockey Controllers as per NFPA 20 requirements.


  • Easy to install fire pump set at site.
  • Easy to commission.
  • Reduced installation time.
  • Pre-wired electrical connections.
  • Less space requirement.
  • All (pumps, drivers & controllers) on single base


  • Single manufacturing source.
  • Single unit responsibility
  • 100% system operational integrity.
  • 100% secure system.
  • Convenience in procuring spare parts .
  • All major components listed products.
  • Complying with NFPA 20

Testing Facility:

  • Individual components test facility.
  • Pump performance test.
  • Pump hydrostatic test.
  • Complete package test with automatic operation.
  • String test.
  • Driver load test.
  • Simulating field test.
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